October 29, 2009 3:38 pm

Tozer Seeds are proud to be sponsoring a local community initiative ‘Grace and Flavour’ based in the Horsley villages, a few miles from Tozer’s base in Cobham, Surrey. Peter Dawson, MD of Tozers has been a resident of West Horsley for 25 years.

The community based project will encourage local residents to grow and eat more fresh vegetables and fruit. 10% of the food produced will be distributed free to vulnerable residents in the community, volunteers will all receive some produce which they have helped grow and excess produce will be sold to the community via local retail outlets.

This not-for-profit project is situated in an old walled garden on National Trust land adjacent to a nursing home. Tozer Seeds will be involved in giving agronomic advice to the head gardener, donations in kind of vegetable seeds and crop protection products from their Plant Solutions range and support as a commercial organization which assists in the acquisition of grants for the initiative. Tozers are delighted to be involved in such a project, especially one which encourages the growing and consumption of vegetables!

For details about ‘Grace and Flavour’ please visit their