• Armageddon F1

    Armageddon is the world’s first F1 hybrid super-hot chilli. This gives the grower a fantastic advantage in terms of both improved plant vigor and fruit uniformity. This coupled with reduced days to maturity means it’s a vigorous, uniform, early fruiting variety with exceptional yields.
  • Count Dracula

    Vampire’s deadlier cousin! Chilli pepper Count Dracula produces smaller, hotter fruits about 2″ long. The black fruits ripen to blood red. The plant has purple flowers, black leaves and black stems making it a striking plant. Scoville rating 25-50,000.
  • Exeter F1

    This hybrid leek has long shank with a dark green colour, good uniformity and it is high yielding. It is upright and has good cleaning ability. Suitable for main season growing period.
  • Flamethrower

    Habanero type – Yellow, Purple, Orange, White, Pink and Brown
  • Flamethrower – Red F1

    A hybrid Habanero type of chilli which has a high scoville rate.
  • Fresno F1

    Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple – all F1 hybrids. Sometimes called the gateway chilli.
  • Green Leaf – Dane

  • Kale – Arun F1

  • Kale – Dwarf Green Curled Afro

    Tozer Seed’s selection of Dwarf Green which stands severe winter weather extremely well. It has good uniformity for an open pollinated variety.
  • Kale – Mamba F1

    New for Trial Kale Mamba F1 has an upright plant habit with good uniform, narrow leaves. It is high yielding and has excellent vigor. It is great for multiple harvests. Mamba F1 has also shown good resistance to foliar diseases.
  • Mulberry F1

    Vigorous and erect plant. Light purple round shaped curds. Good jacket. Versatile variety combining attractive color and good flavor. Maturity 85-95 days
  • Norwich F1

  • Parsley – Bravour

    An outstanding variety with dark green, fine curled foliage said to have exceptional flavour. For spring, summer and overwinter use. Grows to form a compact plant.
  • Parsley – Giant Italian-Oscar

    A selection producing large, bold plain leaves with exceptional flavour. Very vigorous and productive. The long petioles hold the leaves well clear of the ground for ease of harvesting.
  • Rivalry F1 TZ 3539

    New F1 from Tozer Seeds. This variety has performed well in main season onwards. Rivalry has shown excellent tolerance to race 2 Fusarium. The color is a nice medium/dark green with high yielding petiole counts. Nice and compact, Rivalry is another choice when it comes to hybrid celery.
  • Small Sugar

    Small, sweet pumpkin approximately 10″ diameter
  • Southern Belle F1

    Red Southern Belle F1, Yellow Southern Belle F1, Orange Southern Belle F1
  • Sweet Point F1

    Sweet Point F1 – Red, Yellow, Brown, Orange
  • Sweetie F1

    Snack Peppers – Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow and Brown – all F1 hybrids
  • Tiberius F1 (TZ 4101)

    A tall pre pack celery variety for the Northern Hemisphere which has great color throughout the petioles. Due to its uniform petioles it can be used as a pre pack and in the ‘stick’ market. This makes it a very versatile variety.
  • Tom Tom F1

    Sweet Pepper Tomato F1, Red and Yellow
  • TZ 0295 F1

    A standard green celery variety ideal for the mid-late season plantings. It performs extremely well in the USA where it displays excellent fusarium resistance. It produces good long petioles and heavy sticks. The flavour is consistent with a typical mild celery taste.
  • Viking F1

    Viking is an early maturing line with vigorous foliage. Its long roots are slender wedge shaped that are well filled. The root holds its weight down the root resulting in higher yield and a more consistent product for roasting.
  • Wild Arugula – Dragons Fire

    A new unique wild arugula variety with an attractive red vein. It also has a great flavour and improved uniformity with good vigor
  • Wild Arugula – Eros

    A new wild arugula variety which has shown good mildew tolerance in trials in the UK, Spain, Northern Europe and the US. This variety is upright in habit. It has with fine leaves which are evenly serrated and have a good thickness.
  • Wild Arugula – Poseidon

    A new fast growing variety with high yields. It has shown good mildew tolerance in trials in the UK, Spain, Northern Europe and the US. It has nicely serrated, thick leaves.
  • Wild Arugula – Wildfire®

    Wildfire® was bred to be distinctive both in its flavour profile and its leaf shape. The flavour is hot and peppery; the leaves are less uniform than standard wild rocket giving this variety a more wild appearance.
  • Wild Arugula – Zeus

    This wild arugula variety is a slower growing, slower bolting variety for the warmer months giving greater harvest flexibility. It has a darker, thicker leaf which may give improved shelf life and improved resistance to adverse weather. It also has intermediate mildew resistance.
  • Butternut – Hunter F1

    Bred by Tozer Seeds for the Northern European climate. Up to four weeks earlier to harvest than American Hybrids. Fruits average 1 to 1.5kg with a very high level of marketable fruits and a heavy total yield. . .
  • Green Ballhead – Consulate F1

    Tundra type. Long standing with blue-green slightly savoyed heads. . .
  • Green Ballhead – Embassy F1

    Very hardy, attractive heads with slightly savoyed foliage weighing on average 1kg and maturing October to March. Very good shape and colour with excellent culinary qualities, making this variety a great choice for growers.
  • Green Ballhead – Sherwood F1

    Extremely versatile hybrid with solid dark green heads with a very sweet flavour. Average head weight of 1kg with short internal core. Crops August to October with good holding ability.
  • Green Production - Marabel F1

    The original Tozer January King hybrid. It is high yielding and very long standing. Marabel matures from November onwards, with a large dense head. .
  • Green Production - Noelle F1

    Maturing from mid-October. Noelle is long standing with good head weight and colour. Ideal size for retail packs. .
  • Salad Arugula - Surrey

    Salad Rocket Astra is a fantastic, vigorous variety which has a refined, heavily serrated leaf shape. It has extreme bolting tolerance and a great spicy flavour.  It is also fast to establish even on cold soils.
  • Wild Arugula - Apollo

    Apollo is a new wild rocket variety which has intermediate mildew resistance. It delivers a similar vigour to Voyager with good uniformity. It also has a good colour and upright habit. . .
  • Wild Arugula - Aphrodite

    Aphrodite is a new wild type of rocket which has intermediate resistance to mildew. It has a similar speed to Voyager and good jagged leaf shape from the first cut . . . . .
  • Wild Arugula - Athena

    Wild Rocket Athena is part of our new breeding program which is developing lines with resistance to downy mildew. This variety has intermediate resistance. We carry out trials throughout Europe, Oceania and USA to monitor crops. These show a significantly reduced levels of mildew in the field compared to standard wild rocket varieties. Therefore this variety is an ideal choice…
  • Wild Arugula - Ares

    Saturn is a new wild rocket variety with intermediate resistance to mildew. It is slow bolting with a decent growing speed. This variety has a similar leaf shape to Voyager but with a stronger colour. . . . . .
  • Wild Arugula - Voyager

    Voyager is a more vigorous, uniform and upright variety than standard varieties of wild rocket. It is slower to bolt with dark-green, thick leaves.
  • Butternut – Autumn Crown F1

    Autumn Crown produces an abundance of attractive early maturing butternut-coloured scalloped fruits each weighing around 2 kg from reduced vines. The long- storing fruits have a unique ‘sweet melon’ aroma when cut and the flesh is a deep orange with a small seed cavity.
  • Red Blaze TZ 7037 F1

    This is an outstanding variety of purple sprouting broccoli for the late autumn cropping period of October and November. This can be a difficult harvest slot, but it can be cropped from late July onwards from sequential sowings. The colour, yield and stem qualities of this variety make it an excellent choice. . . . .
  • Red Fire F1 TZ 5055

    This outstanding winter hardy variety produces uniform, erect plants which mature from the end of January to start of March depending upon the sowing date and location. The stems are easy to pick with excellent colour and medium to large heads with 8-15cm stem diameter. It is generally best programmed for one main pick with a follow-up secondary pick after…
  • Rudolph

    Bred to perform well in the September to February period but is at its best from November to February. Produces good sized spears ideal for fresh market sales and prepack. Plants are large framed and suit fertile, heavy soil types.
  • Summer Purple

    Summer Purple was bred for summer/autumn production, cropping late June to October depending upon sowing date, season and the location. A versatile variety with large frame and good yields over a long cropping period.