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  • Tozer Seeds have developed a unique range of courgettes. Alongside traditional green courgettes, which have been developed for yield, disease resistance and improved habit, we have created novel varieties such as the yellow striped variety Sunstripe and the round variety Piccolo. For keen hobby gardeners we also offer a trailing type.

  • A real dual-purpose variety. Produces an abundance of nearly round green striped courgettes which are a great shape for kebabs. These fruits can also be left to rapidly mature into small round marrows which are perfect stuffed. A neat spine-free bush habit makes this variety easy to grow and perfect for container sales.
  • Produces very attractive, round, yellow courgettes from a bush habit. These can be left to mature into midi-sized pumpkins.
  • Alfresco TZ 4044 F1

    High yields of very pale green ‘white’ fruit which have higher dry matter content than standard dark green varieties, resulting in superb eating quality.
  • Wonderfully vibrant golden yellow striped tasty fruits are produced from spineless bush habit plants. Great uniformity for shape and a high yielding variety with great flavour and texture.
  • Safari F1

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    A totally unique, brand new courgette with striking green striped fruits. The tasty perfectly cylindrical fruits are produced in abundance from spine free bush habit plants and look great sliced. A real contrast to standard courgettes.
  • Firenze F1

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    This variety out performs Ambassador in yield and grade out. Very slender, straight dark fruit. Has intermediate resistance to powdery mildew and widely adapted. Few spines.