• Butternut – Sweetmax F1 TZ 9088

    This is the latest addition to our early maturing butternut range. This processing type has large 3.5 kg fruits with great… View Product
  • Butternut – Hunter F1

    Bred by Tozer Seeds for the Northern European climate. Up to four weeks earlier to harvest than American Hybrids. Fruits… View Product
  • Butternut – Harrier F1

    Another variety from our breeding programme. Harrier is the earliest maturing variety available with good yields and attractive fruits. Very… View Product
  • Butternut – Autumn Crown F1

    Autumn Crown produces an abundance of attractive early maturing butternut-coloured scalloped fruits each weighing around 2 kg from reduced vines.… View Product
  • Butternut – Hercules F1

    Larger fruited variety bred for the Northern European climate. Fruits weigh an average of 1.5 kg. Hercules is well suited… View Product
  • Butternut – Hornet F1

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    Very reliable ‘stocky butternut’ with little waste. Bright orange, wonderfully sweet flesh. Stores well. Approx. 2.2lb in weight. View Product
  • Butternut – Monsoon F1 TZ 9224

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    An early maturing variety that will yield around four 4-6 lb fruit per plant View Product
  • Butternut – Osprey F1

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    The smallest of our new fast maturing varieties with fruits averaging around 700g. Hawk emerges very quickly, producing a large… View Product
  • Small Sugar

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    Small, sweet pumpkin approximately 10″ diameter View Product
  • Small white pumpkin used for decorative purposes. View Product
  • Attractive baby marrow with a bush type habit and good flavour. Bush baby has been bred to satisfy the market… View Product
  • An early bush variety with highly uniform mid green and cream striped fruits. The first hybrid to have intermediate resistance… View Product
  • A real dual-purpose variety. Produces an abundance of nearly round green striped courgettes which are a great shape for kebabs.… View Product
  • Produces very attractive, round, yellow courgettes from a bush habit. These can be left to mature into midi-sized pumpkins. View Product
  • Alfresco TZ 4044 F1

    High yields of very pale green ‘white’ fruit which have higher dry matter content than standard dark green varieties, resulting… View Product
  • Wonderfully vibrant golden yellow striped tasty fruits are produced from spineless bush habit plants. Great uniformity for shape and a… View Product