• Cavolo Nero – Mamba

    New for Trial  Mamba F1 has an upright plant habit with good uniform, narrow leaves. It is high yielding and… View Product
  • Mulberry F1

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    Vigorous and erect plant. Light purple round shaped curds. Good jacket. Versatile variety combining attractive color and good flavor. Maturity 85-95 days   View Product
  • TZ 0357 is the earliest of the three Kalettes® varieties, maturing from October. This variety has superb vigour and produces… View Product
  • TZ 0479 has exceptional maturity up the stem, this is the tallest of the three Kalettes® varieties and will produce… View Product
  • TZ 0101 is an extremely winter hardy Kalettes® variety with slightly shorter stems which are resistant to lodging in high… View Product
  • A midseason variety maturing before Trafalgar. Has excellent holding ability with firm, smooth, dark green, sweet tasting buttons. Shows intermediate… View Product
  • Green Ballhead – Consulate F1

    Tundra type. Long standing with blue-green slightly savoyed heads. View Product
  • Our first hybrid, Red Admiral is designed to crop in the important December to January window. The vigorous plants produce… View Product
  • Red Blaze TZ 7037 F1

    This variety has been outstanding for the often difficult late autumn cropping period of October and November, however from sequential… View Product
  • Red Cape F1

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    Quick to mature, this hybrid can be sown sequentially for continuity of cropping during the summer and autumn. The stems… View Product
  • Red Fire F1 TZ 5055

    This outstanding winter hardy variety produces uniform, erect plants which mature from the end of January to start of March… View Product
  • Our latest cropping variety for harvest late March to May. The spears are ideal for fresh market sales and prepack. View Product
  • Red Arrow

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    Produces medium sized, uniform deep purple spears with good flavour from February to April. Ideal for fresh market sales and… View Product
  • Bred to perform well in the September to February period but is at its best from November to February. Produces… View Product
  • Summer Purple was bred for summer/autumn production, cropping late June to October depending upon sowing date, season and the location.… View Product
  • Kale – Dwarf Green Curled Afro

    Tozer Seed’s selection of Dwarf Green which stands severe winter weather extremely well. Good uniformity for this open pollinated variety.… View Product