December 20, 2012 3:52 pm

The Flower Sprout is a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale, the result is a plant which has a habit similar to that of a Brussels sprout but which forms rosettes up the stem to a frilly-leaved top. They look like tiny open cabbages, they are strewn with flashes of purple and edged with green frilly leaves. The product gets its fantastic flavour by combining the complex taste of the sprout with the mild, sweet ‘nutty’ taste of the kale. The inspiration behind the idea came from a desire to create a Brussels sprout with a more subtle flavour which was easy to prepare, versatile and tasted great.

Ease of preparation: all that is required is a simple rinse.

Versatile: Flower Sprouts can be boiled, steamed, stir fried and microwaved. They can be eaten as a stand-alone vegetable or can be incorporated into more complex recipes.

Great flavour: throughout the breeding process attention was paid to flavour. It was important for Flower Sprouts to be milder and sweeter than Brussels Sprouts.

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